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Stedelijk museum Breda

Maps and artefacts of Breda in the past, plus contemporary art, graphic design and digital works.

cat-icon Boschstraat 22, 4811 GH Breda


This gate is one of the most photographed objectss in Breda.

cat-icon Kasteelplein, 4811 VC Breda

Reptile house Aarde

Indoor tropical reptile house with snakes, turtles and crocodiles, and possibility to touch them.

cat-icon Aardenhoek 26a, 4817 NE Breda


The Mastbos Breda, a beautiful piece of nature in Brabant. Perfect for a lovely walk!

Great Church Breda

Cross-shaped church, built between 1410 and 1547 by the Catholics, now a Protestant place of worship

cat-icon Kerkplein 2, 4811 XT Breda

Ginnenken market

The Ginneken markt is a very old, classis market of the old village of Ginneken.

City Hall Breda

Breda's town hall consists of four houses that have been hidden behind a facade since 1767.

cat-icon Grote Markt 38, 4811 XS Breda

Breda castle

This historic castle offers guided tours of an underground passage, tower and courtyard.

cat-icon Kasteelplein 10, 4811 XC Breda

Bouvigne castle

Bouvigne Castle is a beautiful, fairy-tale residence located among gardens.

cat-icon Bouvignelaan 5, 4836 AA Breda

Begijnhof museum

Houses of a 13th century women's community, with a museum, a church and a miniature and dollhouse mu

cat-icon Catharinastraat 45, 4811 XE Breda